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Whether it’s a new build, a rental property or simple improvements and repairs to your existing home, call your trusted Residential Electrical Services Contractor in Te Awamutu NZ who can source, install, and service all your electrical needs.

New Build

Building a new home? We can assist you from electrical design, project management to electrical fitout of your brand new home.

Residential Renovations

We can provide you with a custom electrical plan to suit your needs and to make your home safe and energy-efficient - from a full electrical upgrade to simply add an extra power point or light.

Residential Maintenance

Flickering lights? Electrical fixture not working? We can get any general electrical work done for you - just let us know and we'll take care of it.

Commercial Electrical

We have worked on commercial properties - big and small. We got you covered from designs to full installation of electrical fixture and equipment in your new or under renovation commercial space.

Emergency Electrical

If you notice any potential faults to your electrical supply, contact us immediately. This includes: a fuse that repeatedly blows, or circuit breaker that repeatedly trips, a smell of burning, over-heating, plastic or rubber, any strange noises from electrical appliances, a very warm or hot power socket or appliance plug, or lights or appliances flickering off and on.

Heating, Ventilation, AC Services

We source and install the best quality ducted AC systems, heat pumps, SmartVent systems, bathroom and kitchen extraction that is best suited for your home or office. We assist you from planning to installation.

Residential Electrical Services

Residential Services

We provide range of residential electrical services

Commercial Services

We provide range of commercial electrical services

Commercial Electrical Services
heat pump services

HVAC Services

We provide range of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Services

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